Video Slots: The Basics

Every hundred or so years the gambling world has the good fortune to experience a new innovation, something that usually ushers in a whole new wave of gambling popularity – deposit now. Back in the early 1800s the recently invented game of roulette had this very effect, for instance, and this actually was one of the main reasons behind the great 19th century super casino explosion across Europe, and the subsequent illegalisation of gambling by the authorities across the continent. 

Whilst roulette had a huge impact on the gambling world, this still pales in comparision to the ludicrous effect that slots have had over the last century. When Charles D. Fey was busy applying the finishing touches to his infamous Liberty Bell machine nobody would have thought it would take the world by storm like it did, but that’s the power of hindsight, eh? A hundred years on from his crucial invention we now have video slots, keep reading for a bit about video slots basics. 

A time before video slots 

As we mentioned before, Charles D. Fey invented slot machines back in the late 1800s, however the initial slots journey was painfully slow, mainly because gambling was still largely illegal in most places. This all changed as the world sought to recover from the destruction of WWII, and before too long gambling was legal in various countries, which allowed slot gambling to grow exponentially in popularity. 

Las Vegas was one thing that really helped slot machines enter the public domain, as the classic images of golden era Las Vegas slot machine halls will testify too. Back then, however, video slots didn’t exist, and people would have to wait a few decades before they did… 

The invention of video slots 

Video slots were invented in the 1980s as a direct result of the creation of RNGs, known as Random Number Generators. You see, one of the main problems that developers faced before was getting a digital slot machine to operate in a random and fair manner, however with the RNG they finally cracked the case. 

As you might expect, video slots quickly became all the rage throughout Las Vegas and other gambling capitals, mainly because developers could stuff them full of way more exciting bonus rounds and features. 

Modern 21st century video slots 

And guess what? If it wasn’t for the invention of video slots a few decades ago we also wouldn’t have one of the most well-loved varieties of slot in the 21st century – online slots. Video slot technology made it possible for developers to start thinking about the possibility of online slots, and, well, the rest is history… 

There is an almost infinite number of things that you can do with digitally powered video slots, as the modern online slot industry is testimony too. 

How to win at video slots 

How do you give yourself the best chance of winning at video slots? Well, our top tip is to make sure you are playing a game with a high RTP rating!

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