Mobile Phone Review – vivo s1 pro Smartphone With capacitive screen

With the recent release of the vivo S1 pro and Lenovo’s brand new smartphone, fans of smartphones could not wait to find out what the hype is all about. The company has been making waves since it acquired a number of different mobile operating systems, most notably Android and iOS. And now it appears as if it will also be releasing its own smartphone – the vivo S1 pro.

But the real question that everybody wants answered is – will this smartphone perform as well as the ones released by its rivals? That is the million dollar question that everybody wants answered right away. For those who are eagerly waiting to buy vivo s1 pro and who are looking for a smartphone with all the bells and whistles, then this review is for you. It will show you everything you need to know about this smartphone’s hardware, its battery life, screen size and the fast charging technology.

Just like the other gadgets in the market, the vivo s1 pro features a powerful chipset and an advanced camera. The chipset is the MediaTek chipset from the company that is known for its high quality dual core processors. It is powered by the ZTErete CF5 and a 1GB of RAM is integrated into it. The handset comes with a slot for micro SD card which can support different media such as music or videos. The phone also features a really large and bright 5.2 inch screen that makes viewing images much easier.

Although the main camera of this smartphone comes with a relatively large lens, you can expect that there will be a much smaller lens in the rear  vivo s1 pro camera as well. This is because the main camera of this smartphone is a standard sized camera and the rear camera has a much better optical zoom. It also features a very large optical zoom as well as a few extra image stabilization features which help eliminate the shaky effect of the main camera.

The vivo s1 pro features a really large and bright 5.2 inch screen which makes viewing images much easier. There is also a dual tone LED light ring indicator and this can be used as a fingerprint reader. If you want to transfer your photos, then this can easily work as a scanner. You can expect this smartphone to be supported by all the major cell phone service providers including the Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. The built in memory of this smartphone is also quite generous and this can support up to two thousand songs in a single storage.

The vivo s1 pro has a sleek metallic body which is rounded and made out of anodized aluminum. The dual-engine fast mobile phone has a unique glass window which adds to the beauty of this device. There is a unique headphone jack which can also act as a USB type-c port as well as allowing the connection of the headphones. The battery of this handset has a large capacity of twenty minutes of talk time on a single charge and this can be increased to fifty minutes of talk time with the help of a spare battery.