3 Things You Need for Your Next Pedicure at Home

What if our feet could speak? Probably, it could have told us how pathetic it feels when we neglect them profusely.

Our feet bears an incessant amount of torture. It has been proven that our feet tolerate at least 1,00,000 pounds of pressure everyday.

Such an enormous amount of load is quite harmful. And thus, our feet deserve some pampering sessions.

Well! Honestly, nothing can beat the comfort of a makeshift pedicure at home.

Light music, dim light, warm water, and all the necessary equipment are all you need for your foot pampering session.

So, are you eager enough to know about some of the tools that you need in every pedicure session? Keep reading!

1.Mild Shampoo

There is hardly anything that can replace a Sulfate and Paraben free shampoo. Mild shampoos are usually enriched with a number of active ingredients that profoundly help to rejuvenate the exhausted skin cells of our foot.

2.Tea Tree Oil or Other Essential Oils

It is indeed another important element of a pedicure session. Essential oils are a great addition especially to a customized foot mask. Just take some curd, Bentonite Clay or China Clay, and a few drops of essential oil. Voila! Your rejuvenating foot mask is ready.

3.Heavy Duty Foot Cream

Crack heels are pretty disturbing. And, it is pretty common too. So, a heavy duty moisturizing foot cream must be kept during a pedicure session. Make sure that the cream is oil based or natural butter based.

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That’s all! I hope you find this article helpful. Let us know whether you use shampoo or shower gel to clean your feets.


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